Friday, February 3, 2017

Balasan cash

Awatlah hari2 ngidam makan gorpis ni
Semalam beli tempat lain beli rm2 dpt 6 ketul kocik
Harini beli di tempat biasa rm2 dpt 7 plus 2 dah masuk dalam perut....

No wonder gerai ni lebih laku dan jualannya cepat habis.

Pagi tadi I ngadu dgn my friend that I quite upset with my other colleagues who are in the same post as me
I sent whatsapp  messages to them around 5pm yesterday
But not a single response from them
Guess what.....
This morning one of them asked something
Few second after that someone gave response.
Just imagine how do I feel
My friend suggested to me to think positive
But how?
Not once but many times they did that to me
After all it is very urgent matter
It involve our work plan for this year

So I directly asked the bosses about it
Still there is uncertaity
We have to wait and cannot change our plan
Oh how???
It involving many people
If it not treated properly it gonna cause unfair situation and chaotic situation

Due to that I was late for a meeting
A bit dissapointed because we often have to change our course to suit other unit 😠😠😠

Later I had meeting with my customers usual so stubborn
Hah!!! Serve you right to be rush back to collect your files and material 😅😅😅
Kena ajar sikit....
Less nagging but more actions 😂😂😂
Hah....exerciselah ko...
Bila dah menjalani intensive cardio exercise
It is definitely good for blood circulation and oxygen flow in the body
Mudahlah sel otak berhubung 😅😅😅

Then I rushed to poslaju to pick up my parcel

The review for this sulphur is good that I easily got influence 😂😂😂
I will share my review later....

Since it is friday which definitely with long lunch hour, I dropped by at SC to had lunch 😀. Parah ni...addicted pulok. Seminggu 2 kali 😱😱😱

At 3.30pm I got appointment with the senior customer.
I thought he just have to show his progress and directly print it...
Unfortunately I still have to check it and think for a while....
Anyway, whatever it is I gave him another task and we planned to collaborate in the future which obviously will benefit our career.

Then Petang tadi tak tahu nak gelak
Or nak cakap padan muka 😈😈😈
Tulah belakangkan I lagi
Kan dah kena reject 😂😂😂
Dah terhantuk barulah sedar diri kan 😅😅😅
I bukan serba tak tahu
Macam mana nak tahu kalau tak diberitahu
I bukan lepas tangan
Masalahnya tak dimaklumkan
Apa2 hal orang atas cari I
Apa2 hal orang  bawah hanya tau salahkan I

Takkan semua benda nak kena tanya
Takkan semua perkara nak kena ingatkan
Asyik dok suggest itu ini
Request itu ini
Tanggungjawab uols pada kerja apa pula?
Apa yg u dah buat?
Apa sumbangan u?

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