Saturday, June 22, 2019

FB friend request from dead friend

Have you ever get that request?
I got that today 😨😱.
Isn't it horrifying?
She passed away on 2016.
But her profile was updated yesterday.
She got 7 FB friends only.
When I checked it few hours later the number increased to 12.
I wonder why people just accepted the request.
As expected when I googled about it...
Hmm....maybe a scammer
So guys just be careful when you face this problem

Here was my dinner today...

Colourful aglio olio pasta 😍
The funny thing when I almost forgot to put the important ingredient...chili flakes 😅🤣

As usual my weekend is not productive
Full of plan but ended up down the drain
However I got excuse this week
I am still down with cold since 8 days ago.
I got mild fever, itchy throat, runny nose and sneeze more than 10 times for two days.

After 3 days I went to clinic.
The doc said it's viral infection
My precription as the following
1. For allergic rhinitis, urticaria-fexofinadine 180mg(sanofi telfast)
2. Cair kahak-bromhexine(prehexine)
3. Demam/pening-paracetamol
4. Dry cough-dextromethorpan (tussidex forte linctus)
5. Strepsil 😅
But since I have been suffering with sinus as well she said she will only give me antibiotic if after 5 days I am still not recover.
Well! My dear doc it seems that I really need that antibiotic.
I am still suffering with runny and stuffy nose as well as cough ....


  1. uhh..that is scary! yeah true..just need to be extra careful from those scammers...anyway get well soon

  2. Sorry. Just noticed this comment.
    Exactly. Luckily the request no longer exists when I checked it early this month