Saturday, June 29, 2019

The power of doa and Sadaqah

Kisahnya semalam
Baru tau pasal girls orphan house
They are in need
So borak2 dgn kawan perlulah pi ziarah
Bawa goodies
Dan tanya apa yg diperlukan

Malam tadi
Contactlah pengurusnya
Mohon kebenaran nak ziarah
Tanya apa yg diperlukan
Tapi x respon
So google lah ...

Lewat pagi tadi ada appointment dengan customer
Tu pun I was the one who asked her to meet
Adoi apa yg dibuatnya tuh
I didnt understand her programming
Why didnt she refer to previous documents
Nak argue pulak tu
Blaim me pulak
Meletop2lah I

Then I ckp pasal paperwork for her project
Dia cakap pasal paperwork program
Hello are you lost?
Sampai I terpaksa buat table to differentiate both

Beri masa 1 jam utk baiki her programming
Gerak jugalah
But weird output
Compare to my previous programming
Hers is too specific, not clear n not systematic

So asked her to do hers generally and systematically
Guess what?
One hour after that
She did not do as what I suggested

When I am in furious mode
Let me do it
Change this and that
But there were errors
We checked and made correction several times
Finally the output came out
But it still looks weird
Think positively there is an improvement

When I checked my previous doc
And compared to hers  
I detected very basic error
In the early part of her work
Not in the programming

So she made the correction
Suddenly her laptop turned off
Hmm out of battery
Luckily I asked her to save her work few seconds earlier

When I was about to plug in the adapter
It just crossed my heart to make doa
Ya Allah atas perbuatan baik kami bantulah kami

Finally the output came out
We screamed in excitement
Tegak bulu roma in disbelief
Alhamdulillah ...
Baru je berdoa
Baru je berniat bersedekah
Allah answered my prayer in a split second
Nikmat tuhan yg manakah yg didustakan

Bukan nak berlagak
Bukan nak riak
Tapi sekadar berkongsi
The power of dua and sadaqah

Yang lagi seronok
I killed two birds with a stone today
My customer managed to settle 15% of her project
While waiting for her I finished updating my docs
And sent it to printing shop
Alhamdulillah ....

And here is something to remind me of today
When the speedmart cashier doakan murah rezeki

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