Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ikea meatball craving

Finally, this almost 5 years of craving was fulfilled last week...Tuesday the 28th to be exact :))).

Hahaha....this 5 meatballs set is kids meal. 15 meatballs in one go is a NO NO. A bit disappointed at first since this long awaited food is not really as what I expected it to be. The same goes to my craving for red velvet and rainbow cakes :(. Anyway... I began to enjoy this famous Swedish food as I was biting into the last piece. HMM....too bad isn't it....

Hey...don' t worry....just like IKEA DIY furniture, we can DIY this dish haha... Either we make it from scratch or we can just buy these RM47 package.

However,  the 8 servings frozen meatballs is quite pricey for me. One thing to be sure was I can't wait long enough to dig in the meatballs for the second time. Using Campbell mushroom soup and a dash of ground black pepper, I prepared this bantai ajelah gravy on the next day.

Once I bought the cream for the IKEA gravy then only I prepare the full set of the dish :)))).

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