Sunday, November 16, 2014

When weekend is not really weekend....really?

I attended a workshop in KL on 10-12 Nov last week. 

What an exhausting 3 days!!! We were really focus with our work in the seminar hall from 8 am to 11pm. Once back in the hotel room I continued doing my work till 2am in the morning. But only to find out on the last day that certain part of what I have done was wrong grrrr.....Busy with the work as well as thinking too much about certain irritating and annoying people who think that they know better of my work than I do really made me stress and feel useless. Pssst....being a shopaholic I still managed to skip out for 1 hour to shopping for working shoes and lingerie 😘😘😘.

I was flat and a bit haywire on Thursday. Regardless of that I was still have to go for work and juggling between the overdue office work and unfinished workshop work. Oh! Not to mention trying not to see my dusty and cluttered office.

On friday and saturday I have to focus on unfinished workshop work from morning and stay up till 2-3 am. As a result I was having a repetitive dream (or maybe in real) such as hearing many voices outside my house and being press by something that I hardly breath. It happened several times for almost 1 hour....huhuhu takut tapi ngantuk. Even though I recited alfatihah, it still happened several time. This disturbance stopped after I reciting 3 Qul and put the yassin booklet on my bed.

I planned to do my wshop work this morning. But my eyes feel sore looking at the dust, cobweb and lizard faecal everywhere in the house. So, I had to be the maid for a while. Done with the upstairs cleaning, I was distracted by this solving mystery movie....Nancy Drew.

It reminds of my childhood favourite books...Siri Salma. I love to see her quick thinking and how she discovered the secret passage.

Influenced by my childhood fantasy I almost designed the secret space for my house renovation hahaha....

After surfing the internet for material for my work and doing at home facial, I cooked and had canned sardine curry using low fat milk for lunch

HMM....what's next????
Buat kerja lah .....

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