Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kerja dan makan seminggu

Panjangnya entry...jenuh type...
Dah type since isnin, tp tak terpost.
So today lengkapkan...jadilah my diary seminggu haha....

It was a hectic and exhausting day.
I got two important meeting and appointment with customers at the same time.
How would I divide myself into three?
Or is there any human clone technology?
I have no choice but need to ask favors from colleagues to be by representative at the two meeting. Wherever I was available I put an effort to attend the first meeting
The drawback was I missed certain important points.
What a relief once we waived good bye to the guest by afternoon.
Again I felt relieve once I got all the five suggestions for the short courses and sent them to the second boss.

Once back at home, I just reheat the leftover food from the meeting

-mcm biasa 8-1pm mmg bz
-2.30-meeting on junior customer performance. Weird when people thot I knew everything. Hmm who is senior staff? Me or you. It was very annoying when people did not pay attention to the presentation/discussion and busy talking to each other, busy with handphones or busy eating even though it was not the time yet.
-4++- sending enquiry to the relevant party when one of the course was not displayed.
-6.30 meeting with super junior customer.  I got a shock after another listening to what he said. Yes, he is so frank when talking to me.

- for dinner

-10am- appointment with super junior customer about collaboration on charity work. I am not satiafied with their suggestion. Next discussion on one of their group member. Explanation from their side. Manage to discover what are the problem with their group....macam bagus, suka masuk campur and want to do everything.
-10++- sending email to relevant party asking about the evaluation not according to the criteria.
- finally i got a lil free time in the afternoon to collect my referral letter. And definitely I wont miss the chance to buy my favourite ricetowednesday hahaha....

- a bit annoyed when certain people didnt listen to simple instruction, buat2 tak faham dan manja. Dah warning baru tau takut haha
-next-prepared document for new coming customer and sent it for cofirmation by my junior colleague
-2.30 -mtg regarding material for senior customer
-3pm-club mtg. Hmm..really dissapointed when people made decision without even consult me. They never listen to me. Last time they just ignored my suggestion about involving many people in the program, now they complained that the same group of people have to run the program.Even more upset when the senior colleague mocked me about just being the dummy.

-3.30-rushed to exec senior customer meeting. The boss took this chance to discuss about junior customer part time job and  seemed a bit annoyed to those who just think about money rather than quality. Luckily he knew I was not involved in the task distribution. So actually that was meant for people in charge.
-4.30-mtg with two colleagues about the review of program for senior customer. Definitely it gonna be easy if we involve certain commitee member and junior colleagues.
-6pm- sent email to relevant party about the workshop on the review.
-quickly submit the evaluation knowing that it way out of the criteria, but what choice do I get??
I had enough of the day....I need a about going to town....just have a look and buying somethin

-hmm how about buying notebook and stationery...Terasa mcm cikgu sekolah pula sibuk membeli all that stuff and berebut2 bersama mereka hehe...

I bought these for dinner

I have already felt the juicy drummet in my mouth. Hmm...really dissapointing moment once I discovered that the drummets were no where to be found in the plastic bag at home...hah...tak pasal2 ada delivery even though for one item only hehehe...

- happy to see another two people
contributed to our charity project.
-happy to hear that someone else do the same project see...once someone started, it will inspire others to do the same....
- modify document for customer evaluation
- noon- a bit annoyed when someone made an announcement in the FB without discussing it with me or our unit first. If you want my post, just take it.
-2.30 pm senior colleague requested to change task with others. Layan kan je. Malas nak bersoal jawab.
- a bit dissapointed knowing that I cant make any change in the system. To make matter worst, the person inncharge is not available, so have to settle it on the next day.
-4pm- done with customer evaluation document and sent it to the coordinator for further action.
-mtg with super junior customer.
-post an announcement in facebook for them regarding verification and registration
- final update for the documents for new customer
- 6.20pm- sent it to the second boss.
- a bit surprise to see when people not really in need didnt know the limit that I have to tell their head to warn them. But later I feel guilty coz "takkan orang jadi miskin kerana bersedekah". Come to think about that, it is not about worrying about the often empty stock or huge daily cost but is about educating people to be moderate and let other people to be the priority.

- pagi ada bengkel. Konon nak cari bahan, tapi sibuklah provide info utk orang. As a result, I couldnt complete my work.
- Nearly lunch hour the boss called me to come and see him. Memang nervous everytime boss nk jumpa. Lega once I knew it just about ommiting something from the list. Need to discuss it wih my colleagues otherwise it gonna be havoc if we didnt let them know. So just sent them email and whatsapp message.
- lunch hour-surf the internet for comparing something
- 3-5pm- meeting on junior customer evaluation. Hmm the boss again raised up the issue on the quantity vs quality and about the fair issue.
-my staff told me he wont be able to photocopy the super junior customer documents due to probs with the machine. Too  tired to think about it.
- proceed with the internet surfing.
-5++ - I got an email. Alhamdulillah I got nearly RM1k payment. Tak pasti untuk apa. Yg ptg rezeki jgn ditolak.
-6+++ balik heavy dinner coz today was about noodle, bihun for brekky-laksa for lunch-fried noodle for tea break

- brisk walking
- rest n juara parodi
- lunch with tuesday leftover food
- noon- OMG- I cant wear my two new blouses. Ketat di perut and vontot ....
- 2pm -appointment with customers. So funny when about one hour after that someone said that her place seems like being attack by garuda and everything was clear in 30mins haha...the most important thing we are happy to see people happy.
- 4pm- isi minyak, too early to buy my favourite burger, then off I went to town. As I was about to walk to cendol stall, suddenly I turned back and walked to the clinic instead. Have to wait for more than 30 mins before the doc wanna see me. We talked for about one hour...As a result I have to pay around RM300 for the medication and supplements. For dinner I had fried rice, lamb and dragon fruit+mango juice

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