Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nasi kerabu cendawan

Pernah dengar?
Pernah lihat?
Pernah makan?

On the way balik tadi, dah terasa-rasa ayam berempah dan nasi kerabu. Bila buka ...tiada ayam atau pilihan kedua-ikan....yang ada hanya solok lada yg tak diminta dan telur masin huhu. Redha je la....itulah rezeki untuk hari ini. To get the crispy and crunchy texture I just add fried mushroom haha....Sedap gak.

I bought several packs of nasi kerabu and several pieces of lepat pisang...Definitely I requested for discount. After knowing my intention, the hawker willing to reduce the price to RM4/pack and gave me free pieces of apam...

Even though I didnt manage to get discount for 20 packs of chicken rice yesterday, Alhamdulillah today I got discount for ricetowednesday :)))  and my friend gave me pasta for dinner.

Talking about food...reminds me of what happened yesterday. In the afternoon, I was told that a few people had talked about me in social media. But it was not fair because I am the only one who got the credit even though it involves many people. Suddenly it struck my mind on why am I doing all these? What is my pure intention? Sincerely wanna help? Assumming it as my responsibility? Wanna make people feel happy?expressing gratitude to Allah?  To get Allah blessing? Showing off? Or seeking for praise? In the evening, I feel disturbed the moment I saw the so called needy people got large and seems expensive handphone...Are they taking advantage on those who really wanna help??? Hmm..challenge in doing good deed.

Ok...enough about foodies and mumbling. Lets talk about financial and jewellery...yes jewellery...not so me huh...

Alhamdulillah, rezeki murah this month. I got my bonus, claim payment and payment as the co-author of the book. Even though not that much, as a momento of my first book I bought gold bracelet today after it has been in my list of thing to buy for few years.

All this while whenever I got extra money it was always the cross between replacing my missing bracelet or saving the money for future/ using it for something more important. Early this month, when I met my junior colleague at the bank she said that she thinking of buying a ring. That reminded me of my list of thing to buy. Whenever I am in the meeting, my colleagues bracelets never failed to caught my eyes. Yes...I want one too.

So I went for bracelet hunting.

Penat dok menjejak 4 kedai. My budget for the bracelet around RM2K only. But my criteria seems like I got RM4k haha....must be simple and narrow, heavy and resembles to my lost bracelet. The first outlet got the bracelet that similar to the missing one but not that heavy and longer bracelet can't be cut. The second outlet got 4 bracelets that caught my attention. But the first one is way out of my budget...14plus gm for around RM2800. While the others are lights and the design not really suited to my liking. The third one has no bracelet that attracted me. Finally, the last outlet got two bracelets that almost fullfill my criteria. Even though one of them quite similar to my missing bracelet, the weight is only 1/3 of it....sixteen years back I bought the heavy bracelet for around RM1500 only after exchanging it with my poh kong bracelet. Whatever it is MISSION ACCOMPLISED.

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