Friday, January 8, 2016

Off Day = Work day

Sebelum sakit mata baca my bebelan, meh cuci mata dgn my new charm and safety chain...

Semasa pilih, hati berbunga-bunga. Semasa membayar,  rasa nak ketuk kapla. Sebab tu nak beli pizza pun kena korek tabung hahaha...That reminds me of biar pape asal bergaye. Apalah sangat pandora charms compared to tiara Datoserivida yg beratus ribu tukan...Dia tunjuk, sebab permintaan astro...I tunjuk sebab nak menunjuk...opps simpan memori ini...

I am on leave for two days as I am not feeling well. However, I am still doing my work at home this morning. I updated the documents for the external evaluator from 8am to 11.20am. However, due to internet connection problem I couldn't send the documents to my colleague nor update the senior customer progress in the system.

Then, off I went to the clinic in the afternoon. Eventhough I arrived 10 minutes before lunch break, I was touched by the staff at the counter kindness and effort to convince the doctor to see me. Otherwise, I have to comeback after 2.30pm.

Next...Since I have an appointment with my senior customer at 3pm,  I drove to my office rather than went back home. Alhamdulillah, I managed to settle everything that was postponed in the morning. After 2 pm, I anxiously prepared the material for the here and there, surfed the internet and updated the material...Guess what!!! The customer was late...yes!!! 30 mins late grrrrrr.  I can't believe that we had the discussion from 3.30 to 6pm. Or should I say that it was just me who did all the talking most of the time. Before going home, I just checked my email with the hope that no more new my dream huhuhu. I need to go thru the paperwork prepared by my senior colleague. Then, I was in panic mode when I can't find my junior customer first evaluation. As a result, I left the office around 6.40pm....So, there goes my off day which definitely has no difference to my work day.

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