Sunday, March 6, 2016

Be careful with online shopping

1. Buy from trusted seller
2. Read customer review
3. Ask whether the item
- is authentic or gred A imitation
- brand new or preloved
- self pick up or by postage
- free postage or not
4. Compare the price from several seller

Tipah dah terkena yang no. 4 tu huhuhu...

I bought something for RM649, but I found out that I can get RM599 from other seller.
Nak sedapkan hati, this seller got many followers.
I bought one item for RM690, but I just found out the other seller offered RM620.
Nak sedapkan hati the cheaper one does not has the color that I like.

Tepuk dada tanya selera
Check purse, rugi RM120.....
Pity me or Serve me right
Ok...ok....kita belajar....

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