Saturday, March 26, 2016

Weekend dinner

I went for shopping at AEON around 2.15pm today and got back home around 8pm to. Since, I got only about 3.5 hours for shopping, so I opted for take away food.

What's for dinner?

Yes...pakcik kenny yg punya recipe 😜😜😜.

What's for desert?

Dried ice pack to prevent the ice cream from melting...

It costed RM55 for a quart tube which is cheaper compared to RM35 for a pint. It was not an easy task to choose the flavours since we can choose two flavors only. Mint choc is a must. Hmm...get the usual almond pistachio or love potion or watermelon. Finally, I chose the love potion...the mixture of the sour rasberry taste and sweet of choc chips.

Hah! Melantak la ko sensorang.
From this

To this in just 10 minutes....

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