Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday brekky

I really love this kind of brekky.

It was my frequent brekky in OZ and introduced by my German housemate. We loved to have it with greek yogurt and coffee. If anyone knows where to find greek yogurt here, please let me know. I found OZ brand Farmers Union greek yogurt in AEON yesterday, unfortunately they are not low fat.

I really really need to watch my diet and start exercice regularly. Guess weight scale showed 54.5 kg yesterday. Additional 1.5kg weight in just 3 weeks????

Oklah...nak mengemas. Banyak kerja rumah nak buat, nak poie pokan dan singgah ofis jap. Tulah kalau bangun awal idok le kalut hari ini. Kepenatan bershopping semalam kot. I slept from 10pm to 8.45am....ridiculous... nearly 11 hours of sleep???.


  1. DI TESCO ada greek yogurt jenama nestle juga. Boleh cuba yogurt jenama farm best skinny yogurt namanya.