Friday, February 2, 2018

Bila mereka tak nak berubah

Dah pesan banyak kali
Dah cakap baik-baik
Dah berleter
Dah marah
Dah tengking
Denda pun ada gak...
But they still the same

They knew they got evaluation
But they came 30 minutes late
Certain of them even came 1 hour late
Even a few of them did not show up

If they treated me like I am invicible
So...let us see if I treated them like that
Hah!!! Now you know what is like begging....
When I asked them what do they feel if they were me...
Hah!!! Tau pulak cakap...
Sakit hati
Fed up

But what...
Rasa frust, tapi takpe dapat gaji
How dare you said that....
I am not like that
Whatever it is it still my responsibility
I wanna help you
I do it because I want to
No matter how upset am I, have I ever fail to come and meet you?

Then...I met my boss..
He asked me to teach him on evaluating and commenting...
I told him about certain things which are unfair and need to be monitored
Yes it is good for him when he is monitoring something...but he should do so as a whole
But...hey...What statistics????
That stats and monitoring table was initiated by me...
You see it is really upsetting when you struggled to do something and other people take credit from your hard work....
Takpelah...Allah ada...

Then off I went for foot and shoulder massage...RM50 for one hour. Then I had gulai tempoyak petai pucuk ubi, keli berlado and ulam for late lunch....yummy....

Massage and food good therapy for stress relief

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