Thursday, February 15, 2018

Saya dah, Anda bila?

I had the leftover nasi impit and pulut kuning for brekky this morning

I went to work really late...
Then off I went to get the car sticker, buy food for lunch and pick up a parcel@poslaju...

What parcel???
Here it is....

What else... the book from the famous blogger...casual, interesting, inspiring, motivating and creating awareness writing....

Done with everything I went back home.
Then, I proceed with my work second evaluation. Alhamdulillah done with the first part.

I had my favourite food for lunch...yummy

Then I bought air kelapa, gorpis n guava for afternoon tea break. Back to office around 6.25pm to print for fourth evaluation form and finding material for project application. Alhamdulillah I am done with it around 7.15pm.

Inspired by Diana, I updated my list of syukur.
Then, I checked my Bank Islam account balance..weird...where did my RM13 go and why there is RM0.21 deduction for each fund transfer? Yes I know there is charge for interbank fund transfer which is for any fund transfer to another bank BUT NOT if we received money from another bank...Entahlah...OK...I googled..but still cannot figure out about both charges. There is RM8.48 annual ATM charge but it still around RM5 difference...😰

I had the leftover nasi arab and sambal terung for dinner...

I suppose to pack my clothes and do my work. Unfortunately I am too sleepy after having the cough syrup...jom tidor zzzzzzzzzz....zzzzz

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