Monday, February 5, 2018


Last week, when people showed their project, I found out that their work was wrong. So I suggested another project which is totally different from the first one. However, later in the afternoon I think they should stick with the similar project to the first one to avoid more works but definitely with a particular quantity be fixed. But, they claimed that they have problem with this third project . When I checked their work, I just gave comment that they are careless with their work. By right they just have to recheck and redo. Then, they submitted the project's report and I just took a quick look at it and notice several small mistakes....

Today we had discussion on the other part of the project and I only realised that they freely changed the quantity that I asked them to fix 😠😠😠. It totally the opposite...Why??? Because they still have problem with it. Then why they didnt tell me again last week. I was too dissapointed with them and did not want to continue with the discussion anymore. No point of doing so if they chose to ignore my instruction. Memandai-mandai, degil, tak bersyukur n tak hargai bantuan yg diberikan serta masa yang dihabiskan untuk mereka.

Saya tak marah, saya tak bebel, saya tak tinggi suara....saya hanya cakap perlahan .....tulah jadinya bila saya SANGAT KECEWA.  Saya pun dah tiada perasaan bila mereka hantar mesej nak minta maaf, beritahu apa masalah mereka dan sanggup nak buat semula apa yang disuruh..Buat masa ini saya sangat terluka dan belum mahu memaafkan mereka....

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