Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Buatlah: Tak kisah

Due to my worry and curiosity, I checked the previous documents. There is no consistency of infos in the same document and with other document.

But it kinda dissapointing when dealing with our boss regarding this issue.
As expected they did not recheck the old documents when preparing the report for the auditor 😱😱😱.

So I sent an email to him and several related people for more clear picture of what is going on. There is a need to settle this issue ASAP by first setting an acceptable standard to avoid any inconvenience in the future. As expected he did not reply the email...I did not have any intention to make nuisance, to presume and whatsoever...But this is for the sake of our unit.

What kinda attitude is that?
It is his responsibility
If he overlooked, then I have done my part to raise that issue...
Then why he still did not bother about it?

Yesterday my junior colleague said that he did not reply her message and rejected her call when she was trying to ask about budget for an event....

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