Sunday, August 22, 2010

Antara nasi goreng kampong dan pizza

Selalu macam ini tau, plan to eat something but end up eating something else instead. Itulah yang terjadi pada nasi goreng kampongku, yang ditinggalkan gara-gara tiba-tiba teringin nak makan pita pizza pulak last friday. I thought I'm the first person who made pizza using pita bread, yalah, last time I used tortilla as pizza base. But, when I surfed the internet just now..bersepah resipi...akukah yang ketinggalan zaman hahaha....My version of this easy and simple pizza: just spread the bolognese sauce over wholemeal pita, then sprinkle cheese and toppings, followed by the sauce and cheese again, then cook/bake the pizza in oven until the cheese has melted ....yummy!!! suka sangat banyak sos dan terasa kekejuannya heheheh...

Tapi sebelum itu, dimulakan dengan makan manisan ni, baklava..sedap!!!!. But can't eat too much of this dish due to the very sweet taste. Boleh kena diabetes wo.....I bought it at turkish stall at friday market in the city.

Actually, nasi goreng kampung itu aku masak selepas berbuka on thursday, just as preparation in case I come home late on friday. Takut tak sempat nak masak sebab haritu aku hanya berbuka dengan pecal leftover from the day before. Tetiba ada sosej pulak kan...

Untuk sahur yesterday morning , terkulat-kulat aku nak menghabiskan nasi goreng itu, takut lama sangat tak sedap pulak. Jimat jugakkan, satu pot nasi untuk makan seminggu, tak habis buat nasi gorenglah. Sekarang ini memang mission to clear all the leftover food in the fridge. So last nite, I broke the fast with nasi arab leftover from tuesday with ikan 3 rasa.

But, I only managed to eat half of the fish. Since the nasi arab seems dry, I added half of spoon of margarine to make it moist can I reduce my weight???? But wait!!!......our Indo housemate gave us something...

What is that ????
Yes..yummy chicken....But NO, you are wrong !!! These are bean curd or tofu yang dah direbus for few hours dengan bumbunya dan kicap sehingga kering kuahnya, dan digoreng. So, complicated huh...but the taste was superb. Enak banget bila dicicip...

After having heavy meal for iftar last nite, even though terkulat-kulat, I still managed to eat 2 slices pizzas, cheese and vegetarian pizza respectively...kunyah perlahan lah. Apalah sangat eating 2 pieces pizza compared to a Malaysian guy who managed to mencekik eat 7-8 slices pizzas...huh..what a big appetite even though he claimed that he broke his fast with dates only.

Actually, we had pizza nite as a welcoming party and briefing about DOs and Don'ts for new residents in our accommodation. We have to provide the song from our country too. Hish..apalah berparti dengan lagu-lagu di bulan puasa ni kan. Don't worry bukannya parti nyanyi/menari and mabuk. Since we are staying in multicultural communities, kena juga tunjuk muka, tambahan the accommodation manager pun datang..senang aku nak bodek minta upgrade our facilities hehehe. At first thought, best jugak kan letak lagu raya...but it's too early rite. I'm kind of regret for not providing the Malaysia Truly Asia song as my friend has suggested. The funny thing was when she suggested to me to provide Bunga Tanjung song classic, sempat jugaklah layan lagu2 lama Sharifah Aini di youtube tadi. Entah zaman bila la lagu ini kan

Merdu suara dia kan. Most of the resident had provided the video clip yang memaparkan budaya dan keindahan negara mereka. Baru tau Iran sangat cantikkkkkkkk. So, can you guess what song that I provide?????. I chose 6 songs, so can you guess one of the song correctly ? Another Malaysian has provided Balik Kampung song...aiyooo..cannotlah, jiwa sangat sensitip at this time lah. Luckily, kami balik awal or else..mau banjir. What a time waste...searching, listening and choosing suitable song when I just noticed last nite that actually I didn't send the email contain the youtube link for the songs that I chose to the party organizer. I thought I have already clicked the send button and in fact checked the sent folder. Well, apparently the email that I saw in the sent folder was my reply to the organizer about my attendance to the party. Hmm..harap dia tak fikirlah Malaysian resident here sukar nak bagi kerjasama for small request like this.

And for sahur this morning, I ate the other half of the ikan 3 rasa, leftover from last nite with pita bread..not really match huh. Telan saja lah heheheh.... work.................................................................................

Apa ya, tak internet and sort articles kot.
Call AI bank, tapi ditendang macam bola from one department to another department after making 6 long distance calls. Sedih dan sakit hati sangat with their service and tak larat nak kena tendang buat sekian kali, terus kata it's better if I just terminate the card. So, penatlah buat karangan to cancel the card. Lama betul tidak menulis formal letter. this is supposed to be the space for my work la.

Morning to noon : Sort all articles to suitable files in my house
Afternoon: go to uni and run the program
Nite: Iftar and tarawih at uni

Search for and read related articles.
Try to understand the basic dimension of the structure again but getting more confuse.
Search for side chain and calculate the number of atoms
Call celcom, to extend my prepaid number for 2 years. But, of course I have to top up RM30 credit once in 6 months. Better than I have to top up every month even though I do not make any call from this number.

1. Discussion with my spv
a) Show my result for unparallel configuration. I told her that I found an article stating that for this structure it should lay flat and not tilt. She just said that they use different interface...but I may mention this difference in my paper.
b) She has asked me to compare my work with others. In order to do that, I have to model their complex structure. But it turn out to be so complicated. However she gave me several suggestion that make me sesak tedious and difficult.
c)I told her that I become confuse with the dimension of the structure and also about my other result which is not similar to others. She also wonder about this matter. So, I just asked her help if she can check my calculation, programming and parameter that I used. Luckily she agreed.
d) Are you ok? Are you bored? If you don't want to proceed with this, it's ok. You can proceed with the third project...that is what my spv said at the end of the meeting.

2. Check all the parameter that I used both from the literature and excel file.

3. Try to compare my numerical and analytical result for the first configuration and got weird and unlogical result for analytical expression.

1. Morning-noon and after iftar:
Try to compare my numerical and analytical result for the second configuration.
Still got weird result for certain parameter.

2. Midnite:
Study new structure and list all possible interaction........

Election day...hahaha, macam aku yg nak mengundikan
Sangat bengang due to internet connection problem on Friday nite and yesterday morning.
Washing day...
Pizza nite..mananya my work..opps....

1. Send ucapan for Salam Aidilfitri, BH...harap-harap keluarlah.
Things to do today
2. Write codes for the new structure.
3. Compare both the analytical and numerical result with the literature.
4. Proceed with the writing for the third work.

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