Friday, August 27, 2010

What???? Masak lemak lagi .....

Hehehe...jangan fikir aku rajin sangat nak masak ya. Since I arrived home 15 minutes before breaking my fast last nite, so I just added the canned pineapple chunks in spicy coconut milk, leftover of masak lemak cili api terung with ikan masin from last sunday to become masak lemak cili api nenas with ikan masin.

And to go along with it is left over sambal ikan bilis (anchovies in spicy sauce/chillies paste), which I cooked last tuesday to eat with pita bread for sahur. Yalah, dah buka dengan maggi curry kan, so kenalah masak my fevret sambal for sahur :).....

Actually, I was craving for indian food such as curries and chicken tandori yesterday afternoon and planned to buy it in the city. However, I couldn't do so due to the very busy and hectic day ....well, I am the one who cari penyakit...serve me right huh. I was busy went round the world in 20 countries yesterday just to get the special limited edition red t-shirt hahaha...Only after zohor, I started with my work and I have to run the program for several choices of parameters. Some of it took just only a few second to plot the graph whereas some of it took more than 10minutes...what a long wait huh!!! But, I didn't just sitting there and daydreaming waiting for the result. I still have to prepare the table for that result and write the explanation and discussion for that result too using Latex. In fact, I'm not only struggling with the code for the program but also the code for writing in latex too. So due to these constraints, whenever there is an error it's hard to trace it and of course if I used the wrong code I have to surf the internet to find the solution...

Actually while reading the newly found literature to enhance the writing of the introduction for my second paper, I found something that I should try with my work on wednesday. Alhamdulillah, it produced quite similar result with the previous literature which I may say that my result is in good agreement with previous works :) eventhough I employ different approach. Not only that, I still have to send the latest manuscript of my first paper to pakcik, my x-spv in Adelaide. Since there was lots of things to do, I ended up going home late and just arrived home 10 minutes before iftar. So, within that 10 minutes time I managed to prepare and cook paprik ayam and telur dadar.

Have you ever wonder why pakcik still interested with my work eventhough he just left me here without asking me to join him there ??? Well, it might be due to this email which I received last tuesday.

We are happy to tell you that we have accepted your article for publication

in Journal of Phys.................

Alhamdulillah, I'm over the moon and of course on cloud nine tu :). I just so happy, I sent email to my spvs in the afternoon and later called my father but he didn't answer his phone...tertinggal lagi kat tempat kerja lah tu. So, I called my mum....suprisingly my buah hati pengarang jantung pisang, my anje, the one and only my 10 years old nephew answered the phone.

Me : Tak sekolah ke?
Nephew: Demam
Me : Hah! Demam lagi. Puasa tak?
Nephew: Tak
Me: Tak cukup puasa tak boleh raya, tak dapat duit raya
Nephew: Apa pulak, boleh ganti puasa la...
Me:....ek eleh budak ni (dalam hati saja la). Alif uzur macam mama ke? (sambil gelak-gelak)
Nephew : Mana ada....

On wednesday nite, I called him at around 8.35pm Malaysia and kinda suprised when his mum answered the call and told me that he was asleep, so early huh. Apparently he already felt nauseous on Sunday. On monday his body temperature was high and his father brought him to the clinic and his body temperature has already reached 40 degrees. You know what, he was still fasting that day that the doctor asked him to break his fast. What a tough boy. I still remember he started fasting while he was 5 years old and yes completed for 30 days. No kidding...puasa penuh tuh. In fact he still wanna fasting and go to school on wednesday. Unfortunately, his body temperature still high and he vomitted after sahur. The funny thing is regardless of his condition, he's the one who wakes his mother up to prepare for sahur and he really membebel/nagging just like his grandma when his mother takes time to open her eyes hahaha. Thinking about him yesterday morning and last nite makes me wanna cry. Well, actually I can feel tears in my eyes. How I miss him. Hope he's getting better and get well soon. Just wonder why he often get sick this year...other than his tuttttt.. kena gigit tungau hahaha. I think I should bring him for medical check up end of this year. Apsal aku pulak yang terlebih risau compared to his parents..hmmmm.

Sedih tau, I missed my sahur of pita bread with cheese and tomatoes this morning.

I need to finish my work before noon as I'll have the discussion with my spv this afternoon.
Tup ! Tup!..It's already friday, time flies so fast huh. Have a pleasant weekend...:)....


  1. tahniah tentang artikel lilly yang dapat masuk publication tu... bestnya

  2. cikgu,
    TQVM...memang bersyukur sangat :)