Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sambil berbuka sambil berblogging....

Pagi tadi alhamdulillah boleh juga bangun sahur...Perabihkan nasi ayam semalam. Lepas subuh apalagi...ZZZZZZZZ. Sedar-sedar dah pukul 9.15am. Kalut bersiap coz nak tolong my friend berpindah ke uni accomodation which is nearby our uni. It's better for her eventhough it is kind of bedsitter which is a small unit serves as a bedroom and a living room with own bathroom and kitchen. So she can do anything she likes without sharing with anybody compared to the previous unit where she has to share the house with guys and of course she was not comfortable and couldn't stand with the bathroom cleanliness and lots of mysterious fallen hair on the kitchen wall and hood too..hehehe should I said flying hair. No..she didn't lie..she showed it to me this morning...hahaha I can't imagine what if that 'hair' fall into their chicken curry or soup or pasta ....

By 11am everything is settled, so I went to my office and tried to finish doing the correction for my paper except the alignment for the caption of the table. Don't know how to adjust it in Latex...poneklah eden surf dalam internet..but still can't find the solution. I couldn't find my spv today, I planned to discuss with her about pakcik's corrections and suggestions. I think she has moved to my friend's room without telling me because my friend said that she moved to my spv's room yesterday...Poninglak den ni ha...Camnolah depa tukar bilik kan..

For iftar..I had nasi lemak to break my fast....bikin perut senak and ketat lah.

Today pun berbuka dalam bilik, coz my housemate yang dah balik awal tak kuar2 bilik pun. Oh! How I miss breakfasting with my family huhuhu.....So, sambil berbuka sensorang dalam bilik sambil meninjau blog rakan2 la...nak tengok apa menu you all harini :)...


  1. Hi FairyLily, couldn't help smiling at your expression, "bikin perut senak and ketat lah". Ha ha. Thought only sarong ketat....can use for perut too, huh?
    Okay, bahasa saya da improve lagi, ha ha.

    Wow! You made that ayam goreng nasi lemak? Looking at it, saya fikir, no problemos dua pingan boleh lichin, ha ha.....of course ada iced coffee lagi bagu. Ada lagi?

    So? You going to make rendang, ketupat for Hari Raya?
    I sure miss visiting my Malay friends during Hari I love Malay food.
    One reason, ahemmm, I dated more Malay ladies than others....
    and always never say 'no' when their mothers jemput, "Lee, datang makan esok malam"?
    Response very immediate, "boleh makcik"!
    Date their daughters get makan of both worlds, ha ha ha.
    You have a pleasant bulan puasa, stay young and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.....Lee.

  2. Salam Fairy Lily,

    Wah kalau menengok kan pada menua, nampaknya bulan Ramadhan ni bukan lah bulan untuk mengecilkan badan tapi mebesarkan lagi, hehehe

  3. uncle Lee..
    Please don't follow me, It's my habit to use wrong word hahaha...You are right, sarung/baju ketat. Cannot use for perut ma :).

    Unfortunately, I didn't cook that nasi lemak n ayam goreng. I just bought it from my friend la...Yummy, I really like the sambal...that's why I managed to finish all of it, normally I just can eat half of that portion.

    For raya, I am not sure yet..maybe just bought the rendang paste and ketupat segera hehehe..

    Uncle, what a 'buaya darat' or romeo you. Hehehe..take for granted for the food too. You must have many girlfriends last time..Hmm I'm sure they liked your jokes and the songs in your heart....stay as you are....

  4. Kak aidah,
    Tu lah kak, rasanya before puasa berat saya 45kg...harini timbang 45.5kg. Padahal rasa perut kosong and lembik je...Tulah makan tak hingatkan