Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tart lagi ek ???? Lain pulak lah ............

Hehehe...disebabkan aku agak kurang betul, maka aku buat tart lagi on friday afternoon. But this time it was fruit tart. Actually, I planned to make it on thursday nite so that I could bring the tarts to office for my friend who gonna give me soup spices. Kinda of barter trade hahaha. Unfortunately, my housemate have visitors and they had dinner and chit-chat at the kitchen how I gonna make my tart ?? I'm only prepared the pastries dough at 9.30pm and later proceed with my work upstairs...tak larat nak prepare the filling that nite. So here is my version of fruit tart....once again, first time making this tart.

Please don't laugh at this 'uncreative' decoration ...;). I supposed to decorate it with peach slices too but I kinda lazy to open up the can hahaha. Here is another photo of the tart.

I got the recipe from bro Rozzan blog and I noticed that for a quarter of the pastries dough, I managed to get 12 shells of 5cm diameter. Thank you bro....However, I only used 6 shells and prepared 1/5 of the filling without add in egg. How to divide an egg to 1/5 hehehe...Since I still got the leftover of blueberry cheese tart filling, so I baked 4 pieces of blueberry cheese tart. My housemate loves the fruit tart and we agreed that we love the blueberry cheese tart more hehehe...yelah peminat anything cheesy kan hehehe...

Then, I had nasi lemak with leftover lamb rogan josh to break my fast. I had nasi lemak again with sambal ikan bilis and boiled egg for lunch
( opps..kupas telur pun tak reti kan disebabkan tak pandai nak rebus telur...kureng masak kuningnya huhuhu...)
and nasi lemak and sambal telur for dinner on saturday.

Psst...........actually the chili paste for sambal ikan bilis and telur was the leftover from last monday..

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