Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lima hari tanpa nasi

So, kalau tak makan nasi aku makan apa pulak ???
For dinner on Wednesday, I had this spiral soup..yummy...

I just used adabi bihun soup paste hahaha. I also had this soup for my lunch and dinner on Thursday. I really focused on my paper writing but several times juggling between writing and modifying the figures using Adobe illustrator that day and just slept at 3.30 am on Friday. For brunch on friday I had maggi goreng which also my breakfast and my dinner for today. Jimatkan...1 pack noodle untuk 3 kali makan.
For dinner and supper on friday, I had this garlic nan, chicken tikka, dal and chicken curries.
The nan bread is so soft and yummy...quite large that I still have another one third of it hahaha.
I went to my friend's 'open house' this afternoon. They served stir fried prawn, beef in soy sauce, ayam berempah and mee tomato...yummmy...blurp hehehe. So, of course 'kantoi' diet tanpa nasi :))...hehehe no point diet without rice, kalau asyik makan kuih raya n kerepek


  1. fuhhh....caya lah tak makan nasik....kalau lah akak boleh buat cam tu kan best...harus akak cepat kurus....heeee....tekak akak ni susah lah...tekak jenis nak makan nasik...huhuhu...

  2. saya tak makan nasik tu pasal beras dah habis hehehe....tapi saya dah selamat makan nasi dah. Tapi tak jugak kurus haritu