Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lazy mode................

Salam kemerdekaan to all Malaysian...:)......

I'm in my lazy mode this week..So, layan je la my simple menu of masak kicap ayam for sunday and monday....Hehehe...can you spot the tomato slices ???

Cintan fried instant noodle + leftover chicken paprik

and keropok lekor on tuesday.

Seems weird huh?....I didn't have tuna in oil/water, so I just used tuna in tomato sauce and basil and that explains the orange color hehehe. I got the recipe from here. TQ Azimil. By the way I used three style of cooking for that kepok lekor which are fried (on the left), boiled(on the right) and boiled+fried(bottom) and I prefer the fried style. So, for today I had this stir fried bitter gourd with egg and sausages....
hmmm, awatlah my weight kurang 1 kg kena diet jugaklah walaupun bulan puasa ni. So far, it have been 3 days without rice.......

Update 11.49pm: baru je menghabiskan serial drama..janji kekasih episod 12. Tetiba je ter addicted dengan ESC and JK ni..hish..salah satu cara nak membazir masalah kan. Tapi tak jugak, sambil layan drama tuh, boleh gak jenguk my writing..minimizekan je lah screen tuh :)

-------------------my work-------------------------------------------------

-check the writing of second paper...

-morning: modify the figure for tilt configuration using Adobe Illustrator
-afternoon: ~latex :-type about tilt configuration
~double check the calculation for tilt configuration
-night :modify the appendix
-midnite:~ just realised that my calculation for the energy from the first literature was wrong
-really dissapointed with this.
~reread the relevant literatures

-nite: read my writing and reread relevant literature

-early morning: check relevant literature-percentage of Int energy from tot energy
-noon:~ once check seems not logic
:~search another relevant literature but problem to download it
-afternoon:~managed to download the literature using IE


  1. Hi FairyLily, if this is your...." layan je la my simple menu"....
    then your tada malas culinary skills will be food for the Gods so to speak, ha ha.
    Macham ni simple menu, I think I will still lichin tiga pinggan, ha ha.
    Oh ya, I have not eaten kropok lekor more than 25 years!
    Ada lagi? Ha ha ha.
    Selamat berpuasa, Lee.

  2. Uncle lee,
    definitely simple menu in lazy mode. That's why I opted to cook instant noodle and stir fried veges hehehe...
    Oh, you still remember keropok lekor. I'm only knew about this dish when I have friends from kelantan while studying in matriculation. This chocolate color kepok lekor 'licin' already...