Saturday, April 11, 2015

Don't judge...

I just wonder why certain people uttered 'don't judge' to me when she is the one who is judging me by stating that. Hello!!! Making assumption is totally different from judging people. Just because I said someone maybe afraid to see her it does not mean that I am judging people.

What makes me wonder is when she is actually the one who keep on judging people. Just because of certain people seems fine and laughing happily whenever she is with them or see them, it does not mean they are not sick. What we SEE does not fully represents what is really happened.

Just because I listen to certain people problem it does not mean I bluntly believe them.

I am sick of people who is arrogant and think that they are way better than other people. Too many cynical words, complaints and arguments....If she wants my position, just take it!!!. If she can wait for her turn, just say so!!!! I judging people too????? Opppsssss....

We should forgive people before we sleep....but sometimes I can't forgive and forget until I express it in my writing aka blog.

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