Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sedih sampai loya dan nak demam

I was really shocked n upset when I checked my customer evaluation this afternoon. It was so low...Am I that bad???? Kebetulan kawan I dari Bangi called I. Dialah jadi mangsa mendengar kesedihan I. He asked me to think positive and move on. Right after we ended our phone conversation I tried to contact my close friend to share this bad news. Unfortunately she didn't pick up my call. Then I called my colleague...I was too sad to say anything and what I can do was sobbing and crying ....As a result I felt nauseous and have a headache, my mood was spoilt to do anything and I lost my temper easily in the late noon meeting especially when people keep on asking me trivial thing such as font size like I know everything  whereas I got the info at the same she got it..... that customer....takpelah ...
kita bagi bunga, orang balas tahi,
Kita simpati, orang tiada hati,
Kita prihatin, orang tak peduli
Kita tolong, orang  nafi
Kita perhati,
sampai mana orang begini boleh pergi
Bila tiba masanya nanti,
adakah orang begini terus tak sedar diri
Bila hati dilukai,
Macam2 keluar di sini....
Terima kasih...semoga kami tak jumpa lagi!!!

No matter how upset I am, I know that I have to accept if the customers really evaluate my work that low. But I still wonder and cannot believe that it could happen to me after all that I have done to them....In fact it seems illogical if everyone of them gave the negative response.

However I cannot accept if there is something wrong with the evaluation system and the relevant party do not want to be responsible and take action...It's very clear that the data seems weird. I am the victim and it jeopardize my future career. Doa orang teraniaya makbul....saya akan terus berdoa dan berusaha....

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