Sunday, October 23, 2016

The day ...

The day has come last friday...
Yes 21 october to be exact...
Not properly
But I tried slowly

I thot by doing that
I will change to be better person
Be more patient
Be kind to others
Unfortunately ....
I felt anxious the whole day
I even raised my voice to my customer
My condition got worse by headache
And felt nauseous
Several times I was breathless
Maybe I got choked by my attire 😅
That I have to loosen it....

Got angry easily
Just the normal me
But why this time so fast
Why I cant talk and explain nicely
Once I arrived home...
Huh...not a surprise
My twin just came 😅😅😅

And today when I was about to go out
I almost forgot something ....
Once I remembered it
Deep inside my heart
My inner voice said don't do it
I should do it when I am really ready
But my mind said I have to be strong
As expected it is not easy ...

Anyway ...
I really in love with this juara panjang 😁

Pic from google

I have been eyeing it for quite some time
Hmm...reward for myself?
But what color?
Can't decide yet....
Guess what?
If you know where to find it
You can get about Myr700 less

Best pulak dengar lagu2 lama di Gegar Vaganza
I memang suka Rem
I memang suka lagu Kenny Remy Martin
Tapi I sokong Siti Sarah ...

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