Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fight for my right ...

I have been stressed for these 3 weeks. It was so exhausting and upsetting when dealing with certain people who do not understand what I have been facing....the cross between providing the best for my customer and the burden when other party could not manage and solve their problem properly and bring us into their mess. Anyway...everything is settled today...Alhamdulillah. I feel grateful for having very supportive and understanding officer, colleague, and staff.

What I learnt ....
I must fight for my right to the end....
I must have the data and supporting info
Whatever it is bring it into discussion.
Keep on praying and believing....
Thing happens for a reason
After all the drama, we got something even better

Well...that was a part of what happened today
This morning I was totally blank on how to make 10 years projection. The example given by other department seems ridiculous and there is huge different with the real data in the system. I did not even understand the calculation method used by my friend....stress ...check here and there for 2 hours gor nothing....maka pi beli food for lunch.

After lunch, kalut print bahan for the controversial meeting 😅😅😅. Then teringat nk call my customer. Bila call...terkejut his mum answered the phone 😅😅. Even more surprised when his mom complained why his son didnt get the financial aid. They comes from poor family and the father is sick. A bit serba salah when the mother seems wanna cry. So, I tried to contact the response. Finally I asked his friend to ask him to contact me. Alhamdullillah he is not in trouble as the mother told me. That remind me of my junior need to contact them. Tapi lupa. Tiba2 malam ni one of them contacted me about the fund. Wah....ada telepathi....same wave tonite  😁.

Eh..jom ratah daging goreng kunyit

Lauk yg dibeli last saturday 😂😂😂

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