Friday, December 30, 2016

When it come back

I need to take this again last nite

I noticed my shortness of breath came back on wednesday night.
But I just ignored it.
However it became worse on Thursday morning.
Shortness of breath, something seems like stuck at my throat or like choking that I need to cough to release it.
I just thought this is due to allergic reaction to anchovies and sardines.
But my friend reminded me about my past symptom for gastric and stress.
When I was at work it seems better.
But last nite and this morning it came again.
And definitely during my meeting with customer this morning and tonite.

Yup....due to stress and improper eating time.
Monday when my colleague ignore my instruction
Tuesday when I am packed with courses in the morning and managing the evaluation set for customer while my colleagues came in and out from my office asking everything  and later prepare documents for our workshop.
Wednesday when I joined the workshop and key in data and have to rush for very important meeting. And came back to join the workshop. Seriously I am really worried about that meeting when it concern an issue of my colleague with outsider 😭😭😭.
Thursday chasing my colleagues to submit docs and the diva just ignored my messages. And afternoon went to bank etc n attended a meeting to set proper work schedule for senior customer courses...the cross between request from one colleague and another colleague who just want what she compromise,discussed with the third boss regarding wednesday issue.

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