Saturday, December 3, 2016


Sambil bergegar dengan rakaman....

Dan kagum dan adakalanya segan melihat tahap keselambaan mek tu...

Apa kata kita pecahkan ....

Bukan pecahkan ruyung ek....
Tapi pecahkan

1. Read all 5 lines.
2. Check line 4: Meaning 7, 3, 8 are not in the code
3. Check line 5: since 7 and 8 are not in the code, so only 0 is correct. But at wrong place.
4. Check line 3: 0 is there but wrong place. So the correct place is as the first column.
5. Check line 3 again: there is another number either 2 or 6. But 6 cant be the correct number since line 1 and line 2 is contradict.
6. Check line 1: it is confirmed 2 is the correct number at the third column
7. So now need to find the number in second column.
8. Check line 2: either 1 or 4? Definitely not 1 since stated that the correct number is at wrong place.
9. So...042 😀

Tu cara malas fikir.

Kalau rajin fikir boleh je start dari line 1
Definitely not 6 kan since contradict line 2
Definitely not 8 based on line 4.
So betullah 2 at third column.

Go to line 2
Either 1 or 4. But stated the correct number is at wrong place. Thus, definitely the correct number at second column is 4.

Go to line 3.
Two numbers are correct.
Based on previous observation, Cant be 6.
So only 2 and 0 are left.
But 2 suppose to be in the third column.
The only available column for 0 is the first column
Finally you got 042 without even use info from line 5 😁.

I am sure ada lagi cara yg mudah dan pantas.

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