Monday, December 19, 2016

Sabar sabar easier for you to say that
You are not the one who have to face it
In fact you are the one who mess my work
The first time is considerable
But not the second time

Last june we have to rearrange our work distribution
Due to their carelessness
So to settle it in one go
We asked them to make thorough check
We have reminded them not to repeat it again

Guess what...
Today they did it again 😠😠😠
It easier to give suggestions
Check the similarity
Or just use the similar one
We can do that
But definitely
Once again we have make another work plan

The most irritating
Their customer is only a few compared to us
Is it so hard to monitor
If they want to make a new plan
Why not just in their unit?
Why involve our unit?
When we argue this
They said it their customer decision
Come on...
When we told them that they should be firm
They answered it is due to something else
That something is also due to their carelessness for not checking properly
The most annoying
They did not admit their mistake
Did not feel guilty
Not even apologise
Hmm...they even gave synical comment for another discussion
Tak mau la gaduh2....

Ok dont worry
Be calm....
Biarlah orang nak buat apa
Biarlah orang menyusahkan kita
Biarlah orang aniaya kita
Believe that ....
What they did to us
They will get it back

Ok...jom dinner....
Dinner mengamuk 😅😅

Dapat free calendar you 😀

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