Monday, December 12, 2016

Sleepy and Tiring weekend

Salam Malidur Rasul

After 5 days full of screaming, crying and laughter now I back to my normal quiet life. Definitely I feel empty but at the same time I feel relief ...I got my house back...😂😂😂. Welcome back my hidden fragile decoration 😁😀😀.

On saturday morning I just tried my luck asking for ETS ticket to Penang.
"Hari ni habis"
"Esok 9 malam je"

Nak pi theme park tak larat nak drive coz I am still not feeling well.
Nak pi piknik di kawasan air terjun or tepi sungai, macam bahaya pula di musim hujan ni. Risau juga dgn penyakit kencing tikus etc.

We didnt go anywhere...we just stayed at home and sleep and eat in this gloomy weather. Eh!! We did go out to buy food or to had dinner...

For lunch today I had the leftover rice and chicken rendang...

Tu terung kampung kasi rebus empuk, kurangkan air dan campur dengan rendang....sodap!!!

Oklah nak jemur blanket etc dan nak buat keroje ofis.

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