Monday, May 14, 2018

Kerja waktu hujung minggu

Hari Sabtu konon nk buat kerja
Tapi sofa dan tv sangat menggoda 😅

Dah lewat tengahari baru nak mengemas sikit
Dan cuci bilik air juga
Motivasinya kawan nk datang hantar kunci
Tu pun banyak halangan 😅
Alih2 bila dia datang I nyenyak tido
Bangun mamai2
Kalut ke buka pintu dengan rambut serabai
Muka berpeluh 😁
Huhu gonna miss her ...

Dah hadap carrot cake for tea break
For dinner hadap leftover paprik and omelete

Hari Ahad
Brekky suhun goreng
Yummy 😀....

Walaupun konon nak ready awal
Tapi kalut gak pi keroje
Lagi2 bila dpt reminder
Nervous bila sampai 😅

First time terlibat tugas begini
A bit difficult to focus
And a bit clueless to give comment
I think I am not as critical as others
There was a time where I just kept quiet 😅

Kinda dissappointed when the inventions were not as good and innovative as I thought it suppose to be
Certain of them just manipulation from the available source.
Anyway good try from them
And happy to see their spirit regardless of their packed schedule

For lunch I had these....

After asar, off I went to town
Unfortunately the phone repair shop closed
My hp could not be charged
Eventhough I tried to use another two cables

For dinner I had these

I made suggestions to my junior customer1 on her presentation so that it in good flow.

Then I spent most of the nite time completing evaluation report. I suppose to return it on 27 april 😅...but only managed to do so after 3 weeks. Not entirely my fault. I have to discuss the result with my partner. But she only available on 2 may. However, since she did not attend the pitching session she set an apointment with the customer on 4th May to get the whole idea of what the customer wanna do. And definitely later we got hook up with the election hype.

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