Sunday, May 6, 2018

Priority ...

My dilema in making decision...
How to choose among department work, customers and health????
Whatever it is...I should know my priority...
But definitely I have to sacrifice one of it.

My schedule was so packed on Friday.
I involved as one of the panel in the pitching session in the morning.
However, suddenly I was not feeling well during the mild fever, heavy head and nauseous.
Then, I have to check my customers' documents which due on that day 😰.
And leave early to prepare for my outstation

Around 11.30am I checked my customers' docs I was very dissapointed with their works.
Regardless so frequent reminder, their works are just the same.
As a result, my task was not only to check but to edit and improve their docs as well.
To do that I have to find the references.
Accordingly,  I spent about 1.5 hours to check and edit work done by one customer only.

Why I have to do all that???
Certain people only check and correct their customer's docs for less than 10 minutes. Either the work is so excellent, they do not have high expectation, they could not be bother, so busy or whatever...
They have their own reason.
Same goes with me....
In my case, I can stand with improper work
Moreover if it for international event.
You see that is my problem...
I always care and think about other people
and neglecting mymain responsibilities and myself.

I told my colleague that I might not join the 3pm call time due to my health condition and may get a lift from the staff later in the evening. I hope that I am getting better, finish my checking/editing work and have enough time to pack my clothes for that second call time.

Anyway I left office around after 1pm.
Hurriedly bought food for lunch and dig into it 😅....
It seemed that I was gett8ng better after lunch. I decided not to take active fast since I need to back to my checking/editing task.
By 3pm  I was still struggling with the second customer's docs
Around 4pm,  I felt uncomfortable and took active fast.
By 5.30pm I made decision not to join the staf for the 6.30pm call time.
I had dinner around 8.40pm
Back to checking/efiting work.
Alhamdulillah I sent the latest version of the docs via email to the fourth customer by 9.40pm.
I could not believe that I managed to improve their docs to another level by relating it with all the future demand and challenge.
Big pat to myself..

But my work still not finish yet.
I saw latest email from my junior customer.
So need to comment on her work as well...

Then, later that night I thought of going for the outstation by ETS on Saturday morning
But around 4am my health condition was still the same and ended up taking active fast again. As a consequence, I have to cancel my plan for the outstation once again.

How can I went through the day with just had a rest? So, I sent long whatsapp messages to my customers with things to be reconsider and to be taken into account in improving their works. Later I even sent  to one of them suitable references to add value in her work.

I had leftover laksa and omelette for lunch

Before lunch once again I thought of going for the outstation by the afternoon ETS. It seemed that there are lot to be done on that day and not fair to my colleague facing the burden while I was in recovering phase. But I know my body still not fit to go there and even I should not jeopardize my health for the travel as well as in air conditioned  train and workshop venue.

You see...
I can change mind in a split second 😅

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