Monday, May 7, 2018


Few weeks ago my colleague told me about her problematic customer. He gave thousand of reasons in this crucial time. Due to his last minute work and  he proposed another project. Guess what???? similar to my customer's project!!! So, I told my colleague about that. By right they should change it because my customer have been doing that for months. But think positively his project might not be as focus as what like what my customer do.

This morning, due to certain circumstances I managed to see his work.
The title had a slight twist
The focus area is the same.
The objectives are similar
Their focus group also the same

When I told my colleague about this
She accused both my customer and hers might has made a plot on this and thought that we are both stupid.
I totally disagree about making plot part
Hello...I told her previously about the similarity.
Why didn't she ask her customer to change it?
Why still let him to proceed?
I asked my customer about this.
As what I thought ....
He never discussed about his project with her customer.
But her customer definitely have seen his work since he was one of the participant of the focus group.

You see...
What her customer did was definitely wrong
But her accusation to my customer was unacceptable since I have told her about the similarities.
Why blaimed other people as an  escapism for your couldn't be bother attitude and for your personal reason?????
If we looked back, this won't be happen if she reminded him earlier instead of letting him wandering around for so long.
And of course told him about your condition as well.
Definitely there is a difference between ego, trying to educate and responsibility. are my colleague,
You are one of my close friend,
But this time you are too much.
Well past is past...
But hope you learnt your lesson
And me too...

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