Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eggless muffin

Setelah, fenin2 merangka/mengarang ayat for the first paragraph of my third paper..I went to buy groceries and chicken breast and frankfutters with my friends yesterday afternoon. I bought this fried rice+chicken which taste like masak merah in 8 cm small container for aud3.90

for late lunch and the leftover of course for my dinner. You know what...after more than one month I haven't seen my friend, suddenly she came to my house and we chit chatted and..sedar2 dah 12.40 am...what??? dinihari????

This morning, I baked eggless choc muffin and the recipe from here with adaption by adding 1/2 cup oats.

I brought these muffins to my friend house. Ada makan2 la...sodap gilos nasi ayam dio...of course not free la. We have to pay aud6.00. Yang kelakarnya, ada sorang tuh beria-ia makan that muffins not because of the muffins yg tawar hebeh tu, he like the choc chips only hehehehe. In fact my friend said that the muffin would be soft inside if I put egg.......hehehe I didn't purposely not to put the egg la...Telur habis da


  1. muffin pun boleh buat tanpa telur ya...
    ceteknya pengetahuan memasak saya kan...

    terbaru dari saya : entah apa

  2. heee..saya pun baru tau. Saja surf internet coz telur dah habis..maka jumpa la resipi ni.