Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jalan jalan cari makan...

Korang layan je la dulu gambar apa yg aku makan masa kat Adelaide harituh...
On my first day there=Tuesday, I bought nasi,ayam masak merah+tumis taugeh for dinner at Swinging Bowl, Rundle Mall.

It costed me aud9. I guess that if I'm South Australian student I can get cheaper price.
My second day I had vegetarian sandwich for lunch during the dapat rasa beetroot for the first time. Jealous je nengok depa makan macam2, ada skewed chicken tuh. Then, I had mee goreng for dinner.

It costed me aud13.90 or aud15.90...tak ingatlah. Tapi actually gambar tuh, gambar leftover mee tu..yg aku angkut bawa balik ke New South Wales. Kiranya boleh makan 4 kali tuh. Oklah with that price...

On my third day there, I had tuna mini sandwich+salmon sandwich+blueberry danish for lunch. So drooling when I saw my friend eating the pastries/tart with minced beef+pasta sauce as filling...Then, I went to Knoodle cafe at Pluteney ST....and chose this aud6.20/set of nasi goreng and 3 dishes for dinner.

If I were South Australian student I got 10% discount so that it only cost aud5.6/set. Wow..very reasonable price in big city. Psst...kelakar pulak nengok rendang daging tak berkuah tuh. I should try the mongolian beef. Luckily, that chicken+ squid taste nice. But, strangely I didn't choose that mongolian beef on the fourth day too. I chose the mild nasi goreng+pepper squid+chicken+taufoo....
Hmm...why the girl didn't put the mushroom in my set. Without it, the taufoo dish was not appealing as it was in the tray. Guess what? Before that I had english dish during tea break...the yummy scone+butter+marmalade...Hmm..I wish I could eat it with cream......

Definitely, I should try one of the icons of South Australia..Haigh's chocolate.

I can only afford this aud7.60 choc....and yes, it is better than I buy the small pieces of choc that cost 70 cents per piece.


On the morning I went to Adelaide, 'kakak' asked me:
"Attend je kan? Bukan present"
I said:

Come on, my spv won't ask me to go there and use other lecturer's grant to pay for my flight ticket just to ATTEND the conference.

And tonite, she asked me different question but with same meaning.
"Present ke?"
Maka haku dengan gaya berlagak and dengan jelingan tajam manja pun cakap
"Mestilah present"

Why must you ask that question again? I doubt that you have forgotten about that. Just to make sure ? Takkan aku pi jalan jalan cari makan nasi and makan angin je. Why must you feel threaten, worry and obviously jealous with other people achievement and progress? We are in different school, different area of research, different supervisor and different enrollment date.

Tak faham lah dengan kakak tuh...tak sesudah dengan PHD dia tuh.
Sesikit nak compare dengan orang lain n tak leh orang lebih. Just take care of yourself lah....
So, for me tak payahlah buang masa cuba nak paham kalau menyakitkan hati...alhamdulillah ada blog ni untuk aku lepas geram dan luahkan perasan.....


  1. Masa I duk kat Adelaide dulu, sikit nya susah ke nak cari restoran halal. Tu yg nak tak nak, terpaksa men 'terer' kan diri masak sendiri, hahaha...
    Psst... kat mana2 pun sama, ramai yg sentiasa jeles dgn kejayaan orang lain. Kiranya Kakak tu bua dua2 jenis PhD n PHD lah ye :-). Tu yg I tak join geng student melayu kat sini, hahaha...

  2. LG
    Kawan kata kat Adelaide restoren Malaysia banyak. Tapi yg halal depa bagitau yg dua tu je la. Psst..Nando's pun halal. Tapi tak sempat pulak.
    Ye la LG,..dua2 phd dia buat hahaha. Tu la sometimes better tak rapat dengan orang lain kat sini. I mean kawan biasa aje...coz susah nak percaya orang n kenal hati budinya