Thursday, October 21, 2010

Makan-makan minggu lepas n proses membelonkan diri

Lately...memang momentum berblog makin berkurangan. Stress kerja pun satu hal la kan.
So, here is my dinner last two sunday...baked chicken in Masterfood marinate. To get spicy taste, I sprinkled chili powder before baking it.

Here is the makeover of the baked chicken leftover for my late lunch on Monday.

Sanang baitu...melt the butter in the pan, heat the chicken and its juice and add carrots, frozen beans, and 3 spoons water....yummy. And I had penne soup for dinner that nite and for lunch on tuesday.

Aku guna rempah sup pemberian kawan hehehe. Then I had this sambal kentang and frankfurter for dinner on tuesday. Sodap !!!!! rangup dan pedas.....

Then, of course ayam goreng for dinner on wednesday. On thursday, I had chicken kebab and coke for lunch and managed to finish another half of it before going back that evening. I supposed to meet my spv that late morning to discuss about my new project, unfortunately I got email from her telling that she can't have the discussion until next week because she can't send her daughter to childcare after seing the doctor. However, she came to my office with her cute daughter that afternoon and asked me to make the correction for my third paper again...yup AGAIN...huhuhu....

Feeling guilty for buying food instead of cooking it, I just had the leftover penne soup on friday.
However...when I went to buy groceries on Saturday, I ended up having lunch at Thai restaurant....prawn, mushroom tomyam, fish cakes and salad. The price is reasonable for that set with coke. Lupa lak...since I still have leftover pastry dough, I baked these peaches tart last two monday.
Nice flavour, but I prefer the blueberry cheese tart better. I got the recipe from here eventhough she used fresh apricots hehhe...Apricot, Peach, plum and nectarine kira sedara maralah jugak....stone fruits :). TQVM wendy....

Dasyat nafsu makan bila banyak kerja n stress. No wonder I gained weight 2-2.5kg after fasting month huhuhu...Of course I have to watch my diet and control my budget. But, sometimes I feel more stress bila cuba sekat what I wanna eat. Luckily, I don't spend much money on calling home. One of my friend told me that she spend $100/week to call her family...orang kaya takpa. Tapi kesian pulak bila tengok dia selalu makan nasi+kicap+telur goreng....tak tahulah sama ada nak jimat duit, jimat masa, malas masak atau dah lapar sangat hehehe....Hehehe I pun ada gak buat camtu, terutama kalau tak sempat masak pepagi nak bawak bekal. Tapi kena ada sayur la...ala potong je la tomato/cucumber. Kalau cherry tomatoes to sumbat je terus dalam bekas makanan..tak perlu potong hehehe. Actually, kalau nak masak pun bukannya lama pun...kalau masak yang simple tak sampai 10minit dah siap...moreover as I said previously cooking kinda stress therapy. Lain orang, lain ragamnya...asalkan bahagia :))


  1. Hi Fairylily, Holy Smoke! That is a real killer dish! One of my favourites too.
    Where you belajar your these culinary skills? Harvard? Swiss Finishing school? Ha ha.
    You are good. The ayam looks sinfully delicious. And this mesti makan Robin Hood style, use hands and fingers baru sedap. Add chilli sauce, nampak bulan naik early.

    That is what I call a good lunch! Bet you yawned too after that, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  2. akak pun sama fairy, lepas raya naik berkilo2...ekau naik 2 kilo jo no hal lah....hheeee...

  3. Salam Fairy,
    wah menu macam-macam ada. Western , Malay semuanya ada. Nak try lah buat Penne soup tu tak pernah buat lagi. Nampak sedap

  4. Uncle Lee,
    Saya selalu feel sleepy whether I eat alot or not hehehe...

    Kalaulah boleh turun berkilo2 kan best :)

    Kak Aidah,
    Macam2 simple je. Akak, saya rasa resipi soto akak jauh lebih best dan mantap dari guna rempah sup ni. Yang rempah ni macam ada yg kurang, tapi tak tau apa hahaha