Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last week menu

Rasa macam dah lama tak buat tayangan foodies kan. Last two sunday, I had fries and black pepper chicken for my late lunch or should I say early dinner. Actually the chicken and fries are the leftover of Oporto grilled chicken from previous thursday.

Later on Monday, i had this fried rice to break my fasting...hehehe lots of accessories since I have only 3 spoon of leftover rice...

Frust jugaklah bila tetiba tak dapat puasa on tuesday, luckily dapat jugak puasa for 6 days. Terpaksa pi city n bila tiba saat itu mesti ngidam coke, tapi takde pulak vanila coke huhuhu. Beli indian food-veges curry+spinach lamb korma. For wednesday lunch, I had beef lasagne and vanilla coke. At last ...........jumpa jugak vanilla coke setelah sekian lama mencari. I baked 12 pieces strawberry and blueberry cheese tart on that nite and later on thursday morning I just put the filling into another 6 pieces tart shells that I have prepared last sunday and just baked it for 10 minutes. I gave 8 pieces of tart to my friend in the same department,

3 pieces to the girl who gave me soup spices

and 2 pieces to my officemate. However, I just had 2 pack of mini instant noodles during lunch. So, I need proper dinner of this fried mee sanggul

which I prepared and cooked within 1o minutes only. I was too starving to think about the ingredients...just campak2 aje hahaha. And of course I brought the leftover for my lunch on friday

.................Please do not read, just my notes on my work etc ...........

-due to something, kena gak pi city even though it nearly 5pm.

-pay BI credit card
-pi uni
-sent email to accomodation manager minta tangguh bayar yuran
-sent email to her assistant minta pengecualian denda for late payment
-pay accomodation application fee
-printed article
-reading n writing.
11.40pm-change the position of my research significant

-12.50am-search one of the important article
-2am-add the advantages of the structures that I used
-3am: tidor
-9.15am: call accmodation assistant
-11am: pi uni
-bayar duit kutu n jamuan
-pulun siapkan intro, abstrak n discuss result+print
-8.10pm: balik rumah...lama pulak baru bas nak jalan
-8.45pm:sampai rumah, kalut masak n dinner
-9.30pm: - call Miss A-offer the raya envelopes for decorating the backdrop
-11pm: baca the latest draft of the third paper+relevant article........

-8am-checking my writing
-9.55-arrive at uni n modify my writing
-10.25-went to see my spv, she's not in. Mana pulak perginya. Just slipped the paper under her door.
-modify my writing here n there
-12.30pm-sent the paper to my spv via email
-1pm -went to city, beli buah+sayurlah...


  1. salam fairy,
    main kutu gak ke?

  2. Hi FairyLily, all I can say if under different circumstances, you can be dangerous to bachelors.
    Thats how I lost my Bachelor's degree....ha ha.
    Nobody warned me about women who can cook!

    And you with your this fantastic dishes, I love them, habis cherita.
    Makan sekali, menimpi satu minggu, ha ha....and not about the food, ha ha, the cook!
    You have a nice day and simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

  3. Pssst, you mind I copy this pic of mee sangul? When next I mention about food...
    No need surat lawyer sign contract...belanjar teh lambong tinggi boleh, kan? Ha ha, Lee.

  4. Kak Aidah,
    ye, main kutu...terkejut gak bila tau, rupanya tak boleh main kutu di Malaysia. Tapi itu jika bisnes nak kaut untungkan. Kami, tujuan nak simpan je hehehe.

    Unclee Lee,
    Hmm..I'm waiting for that bachelor hahaha...
    Wow..Mrs Lee is a great cook that you boleh mimpi satu minggu hahaha....
    Hehehe..go ahead, no need surat lawyer lah, however return ticket to Canada would be nice ;))