Saturday, July 21, 2012

Berbuka puasa dengan maggi :(

Salam Ramadhan. Selamat menjalani ibadah di bulan Ramadhan.

Semoga Ramadhan kali ini penuh barakah. 
Mohon ampun atas silap dan salah. 

Entah kenapa, terus terang saya katakan ketibaan Ramadhan kali ini, kurang dirasai. Pada hari khamis. 19 Julai 2012, lebih kurang 6pm-30 min sebelum waktu Isyak rakan menghantar mesej menyatakan bahawa Syeikh di masjid telah memaklum tarikh berpuasa di sini jatuh pada hari Jumaat. Rasa seperti terpinga-pinga sahaja. Mungkin ketika itu saya sedang serabut dan masih berada di office. Seperti lirik lagu ManBai
Selangkah demi selangkah
Setahun pun sudah berlalu
 Masa yang pantas berlalu...
Sehingga tak terasa 
ku berada di bulan Ramadhan semula
 Dan seperti hari pertama Ramadhan pada tahun lepas, saya berbuka puasa dengan maggi.

Cuma kali ini bukan maggi expired hehehe. Oh silap, sebenarnya saya berada di rumah rakan dan kami berbuka puasa dengan kurma, gajus dan milo. Terlewat beberapa minit dari waktu berbuka 5.09pm. Hanya lebih kurang 7.30pm saya dengan tidak malunya meminta pada tuan rumah untuk makan maggi hehehe.

Memang saya sangat sibuk dengan pelbagai urusan pada hari pertama Ramadhan ini. Saya pada mulanya berjanji dengan rakan untuk menemaninya untuk membeli kotak pada lebihkurang 9.30 pagi di suatu kawasan perindustrian dan semestinya kami perlu berjalan kaki 1km ke sana. Disebabkan dia perlu menguruskan sesuatu pada pagi itu, maka saya jangkakan urusan pembelian kotak dibatalkan. Pada pukul 9.30 pagi saya sangat terkejut apabila dia memberitahu dia sudah pun berada di city. Maka dengan kalutnya saya pun bersiap. Bila saya menghubungi rakan sekali lagi saya  terkejut apabila dia meminta saya berjumpanya di Reject shop di city, instead of  dia menaiki bas dari city dan saya menunggu bas tersebut di bus stop berhampiran rumah saya. Maka, off I went to city and it took me aroud 12 minutes to be there. There was Friday market selling lots of stuff such as antique stuff, handmade soap, knitted beanies/begs, fresh bread, fruits and vegetables. I couldn't help but stop there and enjoy looking at the beautiful stuff. I almost buy baby cap and booties for my friend who is soon to expect her bundle of joy.

When, I checked my phone, I was really shocked to see a message from my friend stated that she is waiting for the bus. So I ran like mad to catch the bus and unfortunately I missed it just for a few second. In my breathless condition, I didn't know whether I am angry or upset with my friend's sudden decision. I tried to call her but she couldn't be reached. I sent her a message stating that I missed the bus, so she has to wait for me at the bus stop nearby the Industrial estate. Then she called me and she sound confused. You know what? She was actually still in Reject shop waiting for me hehehe. That message that I just received was sent early in the morning while she was about to get on the bus to city that morning. Unfortunately I received it nearly 2 hours after that. What a story huh....So I met her nerby Reject shop and we asked the staff in RS in case they sell boxes. Yes, they do. Anyway we decided to go to Pack and Send, the shipping company to make several enquiries incuding get the estimation for my friend's things. I just asked for quotation for 2 removal cartons which weight around 20kg and 2 book boxes which weight around 15kg. Do you want to know the cost for economy  shipping from here to Malaysia. AUD641 !!!! Yup!!!! I am not kidding. Ridiculous rite? The shipping cost is far more expensive from the stuff to be shipped.............So, I asked my friend to call this Malaysian based shipping agent.  Even though they have several cases previously and we condemned them...but yeah..we have no choice. Beggar can't be chooser. When my friend called the agent and quoted 2 more boxes, we found out that the shipping rate is half from the one from Pack n send. The agent asked her to send all the details to him immediately if she want to ship it urgently next week. BUt of course we have to estimate the total of her boxes including the dimension.

First, we went back to Reject shop to buy the large packing boxes. Unfortunately, their small boxes are not in good proportion. Undefined shape rather than like cuboid or cubus hehehhe. We only found one good one only. It's all right, my friend can come here later. That first few boxes is important to do mock up packing so that we can estimate the total boxes needed.  Then we went to uni. I was really busy with my application and need to fill in certain forms, print it, scan and send it via email. The problem is our school just got new printer. So most of us still figure out how to use it. For example, when I checked at the printer's touch screen display, there is an error while sending my documents. There is no Cancel icon at the touch screen. One lecturer tried to help me but she can't find the Cancel icon either. So, it seemed a lucky guess when I select my name and touch the STOP button. Something new to both of us hehehe.

When I went down the stairs to get the printed documet, I was so suprised and a bit furios to see my friend there. She didn't even tell me she want to come, after all I was really busy. She wanted to print and scan her form in my school since due to certain reason she didn't want to go to her school anymore. So, I have to figure out how to use the printer to scan and directly email the scanned document. I couldn't find my email address at the printer's display, only the lecturers' name.  But I just wonder why my friend said that in her school, normally the admin staff who key in/register the student's email address. It made me feel a bit piss off thinking that she actually want me to go to my school's admin office just for her sake. But..whatever, after all I need to scan and email my documents too later. Anyway, after quite sometime, we figured it out hehehe.

When she left, I manage to settle my documents and at 3.01pm I send it via email to the officer in charge. then it is the time to focus on my writing. Oh yeah, my friend have to come again to scan and email her passport. And around 4pm, I went to her home to help in estimating the total number of boxes needed. It just that I have the experienced of packing and shipping certain stuff home, that's why I can help. Otherwise I am also clueless hehehe. I planned to stay there for a while and catch the 4.30pm bus to get home at break my fasting at 5.09pm. First, I showed her how to properly pack her microwave oven. Since she has thrown away the foam, I just fold her clothes to store it in the empty space in the microwave oven's box. The purpose it to secure the oven as well as to make it stay in the middle. The funny thing is when we moved the box, we heard something moving. Only then she realized that she forgot to take the plate out hahhaa...It's all rite, she can take everything out and repacking letter. Since she got lots of stainless steel pot and pans, I showed her how to wrap one of it using buble wrap.

 Looking at her other stuff, I think she need to take out all her stuff in the cupboard too, so we can sort it out and estimate the total boxes needed. And of course we need more time to do that and that explained why I have to break my fasting with the above mentioned food :). It it better for me to list down the size and the number of boxes needed as well as to number it and figure out which item goes to which box. So not only we can estimate the total number of boxes needed as well as how many more to buy. We also have to measure the dimension of the boxes that she has bought. I tell you it was not an easy task measuring the boxes and the suitcases using the ruler.  After Isyak prayer, i still busy remeasuring the dimension of the boxes/suitcase just to make sure and followed by keying in the total number of boxes/suitcases in Microsoft excel to estimate the total cubic dimension as well as the shipping rate. That's the details that the agent wanted. After having my instant noodle, I help her washing the dirty dishes that may have been there for few days or more. Yeap, I understand that and actually it is not a big deal if we stay alone and got so many things to do and to think. And finally, at around 8.50pm I left her house. When I walked to the roadside, I saw the bus to my accommodation just arrived and again I have to run like mad thinking that it will leave any second. Then, after nearly 5 minutes on the bus and still catching my breath, I just wonder why the bus driver still outside the bus...grrrrrrrrrr. When I reached home, I joined kanda watching the movie and later stir fried bean sprout for my sahur. Well, that's the end of my first day of Ramadhan..

This morning, I just reheated bean sprout and the leftover kerutub for my sahur on the second day of Ramadhan at 5.10am.

My Philipino housemate joined me eating early in the morning since she can't  sleep since 3am. At first I thought kanda has had her sahur, then only I realized that I haven't heard any sound from kitchen since I actually cannot properly sleep since 2.30am. So, I went up and knocked her door. But she didn't open the door. While I was about to sit on the dining chair table, I heard a sound from her room upstairs. Luckily she wake up even though she only got 10 minutes to reheat her food, to eat and drink hehehhe.........Eh!!! I end up writing in English hahhaha...

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