Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why muslim fast? Korang boleh jawab?

You all berbuka apa semalam? Berbuka di mana?
 I broke my fast with grapes, rice and catfish with sambal membukit.

Nikmat sungguh makan ikan keli. Letak satu gambar lagi la ya

Lepas tu panas perut la hahhaha. I think I bought this catfish 3 months ago at Asian groceries stores. When I started to clean the fish at about 4pm, my new Iranian housemate barulah tergedik2 nak vakum and mop the floor. So, perlulah beri laluan. When I just finished season the fish at aound 4.30pm, my American housemate pun sibuk turun ke dapur memotong2 sayur. Alamak, segannya nak menggoreng ikan depan dia plus nak menyambal. So, I warned her for any strong smell. When I started to cook that sambal...she just push her breadmaker away from the stove hehhee. Takut percikan minyaklah tuh. While I was about to open the door to let any odour out, I saw she is opening the window...Hehehe tak tahanlah tu. Then, my German housemate came to the kitchen, of course to prepare her dinner. I apologized to her in case of any strong smell. She said that she didn't smell anything bad, in fact the aroma of my cooking made her feel hungry that she wanted to prepare her food too :). She also asked me to stop apologizing.You see, the different between my American and German housemate :). It is not about culture or from where you are, but it is about who you are. Luckily my American housemate didn't show her disgust looking at my oily fish. My German housemate asked me when should I break my fast on that day. She seems to know that we have to fast from dawn to sunset :). 

Anyway, Alhamdulillah exactly at 5.09pm I done with my cooking and later broke my fast :). I ate in my room and not joining them eating in the living room while watching tv. The reason is of course because I wanted to take the photos of my food, plus I am not comfortable eating my favourite food in front of them and can catch from the corner of my eyes that they are watching me. Yeap, believe me, it happened before.

When I came down to wash my plate, my german housemate came to the kitchen. She asked many questions such as is there any special food during fasting, can we drink water, can the children broke their fast. I know they think it kinda a torture to children. So, we have to give good explanation to them. I remember when kanda told me that the American said that she doesn't understand why people don't want to eat. So, kanda said that she never heard of people die due to fasting, but she do heard that people die due to over eating. Clever answer hehehhe. The most tricky question by German housemate is Why Muslim Fasting? Is there any particular reason?. A simple question but yet terkial-kial aku nak menjawab selain tak reti nak explain in english. She seems not to satisfied with my answer and said so it is nothing to do with God. So, ada jugak aku beritahu that fasting is one of the five pillars in Islam. Well I know, I should explain more. For example the following website got good explanation about it.

She said that she will ask many questions during this entire month of Ramadhan.  I definitely welcome her to ask any question. I better be prepared to avoid any misunderstanding. I also said that it is better she ask kanda too since she knows more. But she said that kanda is "So, convincing". I got what she means which is Kanda try to convince people but sometimes condemn their religion if they have any to support her talk about Islam. Of course Kanda got good intention but again the way she convey it may cause that people to put a distant from us. The good thing is she knows a lot and can explain better  to those are interested and also argue very well with those who tried to condemn our religion.

Kesimpulannya, bila kita serumah dengan rakan dari pelbagai negara, memang kita tak lari dari pelbagai soalan mengenai Islam dari mereka. Sama ada mereka benar-benar berminat dan ingin tahu atau sengaja berhujah dan menidakkan kebesaran Islam, itu kita tak perlu tahu. Apa yang penting, ia membuatkan kita sedar betapa jahilnya  diri kita. Secara tidak lansung, ia membuatkan kita terus belajar dan lebih dekat dengan Allah, selain menyampaikan kebenaran.

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