Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cruncy and juicy

Someone gave this to me yesterday

Alhamdulillah...thank you
Sweet, crunchy and juicy 😋
Sometimes mmg tak sangka
People are so sweet
Rezeki jangan ditolak
Jika tidak memerlukan
Maka, dipanjangkan
Tu kata2 yg viral dalam FB dalam seminggu ni

Tu yg happy ...
Alkisahnya semlm sesuatu terjadi
Maybe my boss was very busy that he didnt reply my message nor approve my application.
Tak boleh nak marah
Just myself to be blamed due to last minute work.

Petang memang penat buat kerja teknikal
Malam tidur awal
Kuatkan hati bangun 1-4 am
I have tried..
But so many things to do.
The more I prepared,
the more I feel I know nothing...
Finally I gave up

I feel regret
I feel useless
I should be strong and finish it
I still have time....
But mentally and physically I am so tired
So after a long day today
So time to relax tonite

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