Friday, November 18, 2016

Sijil yg hilang

Finally my paperwork is completed around 6pm yesterday. Thus, I can proceed to apply for something. I can't....I didnt know how....I tried so many times. Then, I noticed the statement that I have yet to submit the report for previous programme 😠😠😠.

Oklah...just do it....
Just filled in everything needed
Create here and there
Google something...
Called my friend...
But the final step they need the certificate 😭😭😭

Dont panic
Search it my where to be found
Search it at my old office...negative.
Where is it???
Ok maybe in it's bag at the upstairs utility room at my home

The moment I reach home, I rushed to the room
Only the lanyard in the bag 😭 it at the book rack...negative
Looking for it in the box in front of the book rack..nothing
Try to find it in the box at the living room..none

Ok.. rehat je la
Esok pi ofis awal...cari lagi

Pagi ni cari lagi di book rack..memang taklah
Why not selongkar kotak depan book rack sekali lagi
Selongkar poket fail juga.....
Rasa keras....
Nak nangis...
Alhamdulillah...I found it.

Lenkali dapat terus buat
Bukan dah setahun baru nk buat
Padanlah muka kan
Hopefully there is no drama again today
O..Allah please ease my whatever I do...

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