Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mengemis demi....

Well...yes...I feel like a beggar
Just for the sake of my customer
When the so called facility became a burden
I have been facing this problem since tuesday last week

I am tired of giving justification
I am sick of ....
- listening to their excuses, from one to another
- when people do not understand
- When certain people who suppose to clear this issue just keep quiet
- when my colleague do not support me
- when one of them even said instead of I menyalak, sebaiknya I cari alternative
- hello...why need an alternative when the thing is available
- When the second boss just follow their ridiculous suggestion
- being like a kicking ball...
- when another party just gave suggestion and not a short term urgent solution

Hello !!!!!!!!
I need urgent solution
Not an increasing burden

I was so stressed yesterday
I was so dissapointed with  all these
I am too upset that I cried wanna deny my right?
My customer right?
I am sure ada balasannya !!!
One for deny our right
Second making excuses due to their own problem.
Apapun I will fight for it.

Semalam teringat satu bukti to support my justification
Dah mlm ni baru teringat cari
From inbox, to trash to all mail
After several keyword....
Finally I found it...alhamdulillah
Allah answered my prayers....

So you just wait and see...
Or I may make a report to the top mgt
That representative just waiting the greenlight from me....

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