Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ketua vs Kuli

Sometimes I am confuse
Who am I?
Ketua atau kuli?
Kalau ketua kenapa kerjanya dok remind orang

Seriously I am sick with certain people
Why I have to remind them so many times?

Certain thing can be done right away
And it just take around 5 mins to update it
So why just keep quiet
Discuss semalam
Hari ni masih tak dapat

Certain things are already in the folder
Is it hard to find them and send email to all?
I asked for it last month
And again maybe last week
And again this afternoon
Guess what until now
Nothing in my inbox

Certain people are very calculative in doing work
When it benefit them in term of career or work performance, they will do it right away even though they are on leave
Otherwise they tend to ignore any email or instruction
Hah...buat-buatlah tak nampak
Pasti ada balasannya
Life is a cycle dont forget that

You see today was really exhausting and hectic
My assistant confuse with the term updating and translating 😠😠😠
Pulak tu tak save the original file
Maka, menyusahkan diri sendiri  dan orang lain
Akibatnya took time to submit it

Then, Updating upcoming activities
I have sent to the officer,
tiba2 ada yg baru nak update info 😠😠

Next, Attending meeting

People asking for data...
Kalau nak cepat cakap je la
Ni pi tanya camna ya
Hah!! Kena sound lah kau

Then, planning for colleague-customer
Berpinau mata playing with the data in the system
Tu pun terlepas satu
Minta my staff semak dan tambah info
Tapi dia x semak 😠😠😠
Jenuhlah nk cakap satu-satu

After lunch sambung meeting
😱😱😱 so many things to do
Pity them
But why certain people didnt do their work properly?
Asal ada huh???
Ada ramai members
Takkan tak perasan
Pulak tu ada pulak yg dh dlm waktu terdesak ni
Demand macam2
Haritu korang buat apa

Ada lagi data lain perlu dicari
Biasalah remind byk kali
People couldnt be bothered
Dah la my assistant prepared bhn entah apa2
Si pemberi maklumat ada yg senyap sunyi
Ada yg tak beri data
At last I yg kena buat 😠😠😠

Bila balik mengadaplah yesterday leftover 😅😅

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