Sunday, March 13, 2011

Panggilan Pulau part 2

Entri terdahulu :
Glenelg (Part 1 and Part 2), Adelaide and Kangaroo Island Part 1

Selepas menjamu mata dengan seal yang tergolek2 dan menjamu selera dengan vegetarian food, then we headed to another fascinating destination

From far you can see that it just like the sitting camel. Closer view

Remarkble Rock :
A cluster of granite boulders, sculptured by the weather and perched on a granite dome rising steeply from the ocean

Another view
I know it just rocks. But I really enjoy and appreciate the variety of the rocks formation. The feeling while I was looking at these rocks with the ocean blue sea hardly describe by words. Subhanallah..............

Do you have the same interest? Still wanna see this fascinating creation ?
Look !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that jaws ??????????????

Ku berjalan celah batuan sambil menikmati bayu lautan ahaks

How about this one?From different viewTime to leave I love this place. I wish that I have more time here.
Till then.................


  1. sungguh menakjubkan....subhanallah...cantik pemandangan dengan berlatar belakang laut membiru...terus akak verangan one dah nak pergi tempat ni fairy...hehehe....tq for the nice pictures...:)

  2. Hi FairyLily, beautiful pics. You're a good photographer and the colours so vivid, feels like I'm there.
    Love your angles and perspective, depth too.
    This one country I have yet to visit. Maybe one day.
    Have fun, keep well.

  3. Hi fairlily,thanks for the inputs;)nanti mamatiamia baca pasal glenelg:)tiamia suka lah duduk farm tiap hari nak bagi makan kambing,now dah rindu kambing lagi kononnya;)

  4. Kaklia,
    no worries...chewah ikut style aussie for your welcome hahahah. Memang best tempat ni. Apalagi kak, suruhlah sesape pi serbu MaTTa fair tuh.

    Uncle Lee,
    TQ, I just snapped the photos n follow my heart hahaha. I'm interested to join photography class and buy DSLR of course, but then not enough budget :(.
    Yup, you should come to Land Down under. This is must visit place other than Uluru and great barrier reef :)

    Hehehe...saya tak tahu sangat pun pasal Glenelg tu. Tapi tulah rasanya takde palais. Ntah bila la dapat stay in farm macam you all. Kalau setakat apple picking tak sampai 1 jam, memang can't compared to your farm stay. Nak ikutttttt