Thursday, March 19, 2015

Perlu ditelan juga.

Case 1
Pagi semalam I dapat salinan surat kelulusan. Tapi I pelik macam mana orang lain boleh tandatangan borang yang sepatutnya I tandatangan. Yang I bengang dan tidak puashati ....
1. apa2 yang berlaku kelak I yg perlu bertanggungjawab kerana itu memang tugas I. Bukan tugas orang yang pandai2 turunkan tandatangan.
2. Does not matter whether I was not around or that is really urgent matter... someone cannot just simply sign the form.
3. Why that someone easily believe what other people say about me? If it really important, people can contact me by email or phone or just leave a notice.
4.When that someone assumed that I do not mind. Seriously???
5. Whatever it is that someone should contact and inform me before doing anything that involve me.

I learnt my lesson and hope that someone learnt her lesson too. The most important thing was that someone got the courtesy to apologise. I felt a bit relief too once I express my dissatisfaction to her.

Case 2
A bit irritated when someone came to my house and asked why I did not make certain design to the fence wall.

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