Thursday, March 12, 2015

Siapa selfish? siapa degil?

Seawal pagi dikejutkan dengan emel dari boss yang minta cadangan. There was someone asking for exemption of a task. Hah!!! Dua patah perkataan diberi dek boss, beratus perkataan ku balas. To that someone...yes!!! no harm done of asking. But please stop being selfish. Kalau hang tak nak buat, kawan2 hang yang akan jadi masa buat sekian kalinya. And please stop being stubborn as always. Just manage your time properly and make early preparation.

Then lewat pagi pi jumpa boss. He couldn't contact my other colleague and asked my favour to convey his message. Unfortunately this colleague refused to see the boss due to their past misunderstanding. Pls stop being difficult, selfish and stubborn. It may affect other people as well as the plan of our unit.

Yes...I know I am not in their shoes.
Who am I to judge them.
They have other problems too.
They may have stony heart after having been oppressed several times as they claimed.

But it do affect me as someone who have something to do with their task....
Ok...ok....jangan fikir jangan fikir....

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