Friday, March 6, 2015

Seorang vs rumah besar

I called my neighbour this morning and told him that I am constructing a half wall dividing our porch replacing the green chicken wire fence. I asked his permission to put my book rack, coffee table and the construction equipment outside his long abandoned house temporarily. Alhamdulillah he didnt mind at all for me to do so as long as I tak robohkan or pecahkan rumahnya hehehe....

Hmmm....what made me kinda surprised when he uttered
Belakang dah tambah
depan pun tambah
rumah dah besar
tapi duduk sorang
bila nak berduanya 

I can only say ......
Tu la...
tolong doakan ya

My house is just an intermediate terrace house..Itu pun orang dah tertanya2 dan berkata2. I just wonder what would they say if I stayed all by myself  in bigger house or compound such as corner lot, semiD house or bungalow...hmmmm.. 

I think it is now not a surprising matter in Malaysia...But...ya...certain people can hardly accept it. Saya tak marah, jauh sekali terasa hati kerana dah mangli....juga telah bersedia dengan kata2 begitu. But...what can I do if it is not the time yet??? Let people talk....Let people say whatever they want to....It is interesting to observe that this people can only say but neither help nor support people like me ;)))) must go on..LIVE IT, ENJOY IT.

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