Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bila orang tak suka...

Last time while I was in dilemma to accept or not
Suddenly I heard that I was actually the second choice
The first choice acted fastly
secretly met the boss knowing that she was the popular choice as well as the boss choice to be promoted
I felt so down at that time even though I didnt want that post

Then when I asked people to make a guess
None of them mention my name
Yes..I know I am not qualified

Then somebody said while selecting me the top people kinda doubt about my ability because I was still not good in my previous post.
I felt so down at that time even though I didnt want that post

Then I met a collegue from another unit
He wonder why I got that post
Yes..I know I am not qualified

Early this year
Without plan I had lunch with the first choice
She reminiscated the meeting with the boss that is she got the offer she will it turn down.
Even though it is just few months left, I am still feel so low...

After teasing someone who may replace me,
My PA said that he told her ...the boss has already given him hints to take over
Again...I feel so low
The boss can't wait to kick me out
Even though I had planned with my kwn sekapal to meet the boss to discuss about replacement thingy by the end of this month
Suddenly I cant wait any longer
I called the boss PA to met him ...he is around
But my teman sekapal is not around
So I have to wait till friday....

Is it ego or honour ???
The most upsetting when I wanna share my feeling with my close friend...she asked me to think positive
Easier said than done...
So who else I wanna turn to
I am totally alone 😭😭😭....

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