Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Contributor or Customer

In planning something
In discussing something with people outside our unit
Sometimes I am in dilemma
The cross between listening to others
Or defending and fighting for the contributor..
my staff who first came out with the main idea of that something...

However one of the people from othee unit
Bashing me with his synical smile
"You want to cater individual need or customer need?"
It's hurt but I cannot deny his words really make sense

And today that dilemma happened again
When we have discussed nearly for nearly 1.5 hours
Suddenly the contributor came and against us
Our ideas contradict with his plan
Yes...we appreaciate and grateful for his previous contribution
But Hello...
This is discussion
This is teamwork
We have to cater the current trend and demand
What the customers and stake holders want
Not just for the sake of an individual

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