Thursday, March 16, 2017

...err human

Other people or us
We are just the same
....err human
Sometime we do make mistake

That people....
They felt it was so burdening
They have asked the unit in charge
Then they asked us to confirm it by contacting that unit
We checked the latest memo by that unit
We checked our announcement regarding that memo
It just the same 😅😅😅
So they actually did not understand that something
So why did they instruct other people and seems like accuse them for giving misleading info?
Burdening huh???
They forgot that they suggested that something while they were in that unit 😅😅
They are chasing for appreciation and yet burdening others and themselves.

That people...
We have informed if they need any help they can let us know
No one give any response
But out of sudden now they are chirping after a week

That people ....
They knew you are on leave
We told them if anything we will check or give response once we were back in office
But they kept on sending us private message or via whatsapp group or other wa group 😠😠
Is it so hard to understand and get the message?

That people...
They prefer to send message to one person via whatsapp group
Not once but so many times
What are their intention?
Attention seeker?
To show they are the busiest people on earth?

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