Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tak tanya tak tahu

Last friday I had the opportunity to talk with my senior colleague regarding my customer who prefered to work with her. I explained to her if she took my customer I will not have any senior customer this year. In addition to make this thing worse my other senior customer just applied to quit that morning due to her other commitment. Since this customer from another different level, how would I gain any experience if never got a chance to deal with this type of customer. Alhamdulillah she understood my problem and willing to co-operate. However, she kept on highlighting that she should be the leader. It is long as I can get involve and get the opportunity to learn. Anyway...I learnt something....
Never give up
Fight for our right
Instead of feeling miserable
No harm in asking

So stop about work....
Eh!!! Tak boleh stopp
Nak buat around 9pm, mata tak nampak
So rehat dan tidur dulu.
Then pulun buat kerja from 1-3am
Punyalah malas...sambil baring 😅😅😅
This morning pun susun kerja tu

Anyway...Let us see what is for brekky this morning

Gigih tu buat half boiled egg 😅😅😅

Dah kenyang pi bersihkan dapur
Buang sawang

Then, Handwashing....
Next I had break by watching k-drama and having this 😍😍😍

Ok....dah2 lah tu
Pi nyapu dan sambung buat kerja opis ya 😉😉😉

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